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HTNet Rebranding Exercise

This has been way overdue. HTNet is undergoing a rebranding exercise. You may have noticed that I’ve changed HTNet’s tagline from Mostly Technology and Business-centric Writing from Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia to the current Your Source of Prescription Tech Medication. And now, HTNet now has a new logo too. I might be redesigning the theme as well, but this will be over a long period of time. Continue reading to find out the reasons behind this exercise.

The reasons for this rebranding exercise are as follows:

  • The old tagline was too long.
  • The new tagline is a short and sweet way to describe HTNet.
  • The old logo was pretty damn boring looking.
  • The new logo is sexier and matches the new tagline.
  • I keep getting tourism ads from AdSense (this will be elaborated on in a different post)
  • I was bored 😛

So what do you think of the new tagline and/or logo? Comments are appreciated.

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