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Malaysia’s Muslim Women ‘Suffer Apartheid’

Marina Mahathir, a reknowned HIV/AIDS activist and President of the Malaysian AIDS Council, liken the situation of Muslim women in Malaysia to black South Africans under apartheid. Apparently, this was supposed to be in her “Musings” column in The Star, but never made it to press due to some technicality. However, MBM has posted the full unedited version of Marina’s writeup.

Personaly, I couldn’t agree more. Religious laws are never a good idea to be implemented in society, they often lead to more harm than good. It’s not that I don’t believe in God’s rules. I just don’t believe in humans implementing them.

2 responses to “Malaysia’s Muslim Women ‘Suffer Apartheid’”.

  1. Mr. Ahmed Ali Says:

    can you please find me woman to marry
    i’m from tripoli libya
    33 years old
    please can you find me who can live in libya

    bark allah fikm
    you brother in islam
    ahmed ali

  2. khalid Says:

    dear sir
    salam alikom
    never we can so luke this man in our islam world agin, so God bless him always and more power to all of you are, please if posiball trans his all books to farsi from malaysia, thanks lat..
    jamali khalgh abdol
    from sout iran