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CL2 Leaked, Screenshots Available

CL2 is Google’s calendaring system, fresh and new. So new that it still isn’t inducted into Google Labs. Laden with Google’s now reknowned AJAX wizardry, it’s the definition of how a web based calendar/organiser system should look, feel and work like.

Of course, don’t take my word for it. Like most of you, I don’t have any exclusive access to this system. However, TechCrunch has an exclusive sneak peek into CL2. There’s some usage overview as well as some delicious screenshots.

Actually, I’m a bit disappointed that Google released Page Creator before CL2. Frankly, the whole easy-to-use web authoring stuff is passe if you ask me, AJAX powered or not. CL2 on the other hand, will be embraced by planning and implementation freaks.

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  1. HTNet Says:

    Google Calendar Goes Live…

    I’m not sure when exactly this happened, but I guess it couldn’t be more than 48 hours. So here it goes…
    Google Calendar has gone live. It sports a simple and easy to navigate interface. Views available include:

    Next 4 Days