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Rants from Yet Another Insignificant Malaysian Entity

Ever heard of CMCF? Me neither. That was until I read this article on The Star. Visiting the web site, I found more bits of information:

Designated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), this Forum acts as the mechanism to formulate and implement developed codes of practice for the communications and multimedia industry. The CMCF will uphold these codes, to ensure they serve as a guide for the industry to operate and flourish.

Yay! Yet another insignificant body designated by a peer. When will the government realise that communications and multimedia doesn’t work according to “standards of best practices”. This is a highly innovative industry which thrives on creativity and thinking out of the box.

If the multimedia industry had to go through hoops of codes of conducts recommendations, we’d still be stuck with black and white silent movies, bitmaps as an industry standard in digital imaging and would still be using land lines instead of mobile phones.

Another amusing thing I read from the linked The Star article is that the CMCF has been receiving complaints regarding a broadcasting company doing advertising during the news segments. For those who doesn’t know (especially non-Malaysians), this is referring to the “Advertensi” segment of TV3‘s prime time news programme, Bulletin Utama, which usually pimps Petronas‘ goods and services.

And guess how many complaints this CMCF body has received since its establishment in its two year lifespan? Twelve. Which is one complaint every two months on average. I wonder what’s the cost of running this CMCF. Probably not worth a single sen from the way I see it.