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100 Ways to Disappear

Found this interesting blog via Digg. As the title states, this obviously fresh blog details 100 Ways to Disappear. Although obviously US-centric and bordering on being suspicious, it’s definitely a good source of information for parties on both sides of the legal fence.

What I like about the blog is the parts relating to mental tuning. It’s never easy to simply throw away your principles and start on a clean slate. Obviously, with “disappearing” this is no longer an option but a requirement. My interest in this particular area is probably based on the fact that I had been working in an educational/training startup for one and a half years. After such a period of time, scientific research as well as writeups on the brain and the way it works kind of rubs on onto me.

I recommend that you at least skim through the post. It would definitely benefit you to at least know the pains someone needs to go through to obtain almost total anonymity.