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TIOBE Programming Community Index Updated

The TIOBE index might be a useful tool to see the popularity of your pet programming languages. Mind you, this index shouldn’t be accepted as the definitive guide to programming language popularity. This is mainly due to the overly simplified method used by TIOBE; searching major search engines with the following query: +"<language> programming" -tv -channel. Click on the link at the end of the second paragraph for more information (I’d link it here, but the page is in a direct-link busting frame, bargh!).

The first place is occupied by Java. I know Java is definitely popular, but I never thought that it would rank first. Java never was a language I meddled a lot with, however, my favourite text editor is built using Java.

On the mostly web based programming languages, the two “P” languages had contrasting fates. PHP increased its position by one step to fourth, while Perl dropped three places to sixth. Is this a sign that Perl is now approaching the “has been” status?

It is also extremely suprising to see how Visual Foxpro leapt 30 places to end up on 13th place. I never liked Foxpro, and although I’ve seen a few job vacancies ads requiring proficiency in it. Strange… with the availability of numerous industrial strength databases (both free and commercial) in the market, I’m suprised that Foxpro hasn’t been pushed into mediocrity by now.