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Iraq Three Years On: What Has Been Achieved?

Personally, I feel that Iraq now is worse than under Saddam’s rule. Democracy is not for everyone. Some people just need a good, solid dictator behind their back to actually function… and deep inside anybody’s mind, they know this is true. Even those so-called “champions of democracy”.

But don’t bother about my point of view… Read what average Iraqi citizens have to say. I’m so fsckin’ bored of hearing from the politicians, and I’m thankful to the BBC for arranging this.

3 responses to “Iraq Three Years On: What Has Been Achieved?”.

  1. jerm Says:

    saddam’s out of power. the different factions are warring on each other. etc. etc. = that’s what been achieved. but hey – rome wasn’t built in a day; let’s just see what happens before we say ‘democracy failed’.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    I never said ‘democracy failed’. I’m just saying it’s not for everyone.

  3. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    Azmeen – It is obvious that GW and the US of A have made a complete balls up of Iraq.

    The German and French plan would have got UN troups into Iraq without a shot being fired, would have kept Saddam in power, and peace would have been preserved and there would have been no threat of WMD or anything.

    Todays paper had a report about a US plan to NUKE IRAN … and looks like GW is seriously considering this.

    The guys an idiot …

    But, personally, I think Democracy is for everyone in a way, but the problem we have in Iraq, is the US hasn’t handled it correctly. For one thing, it’s against international law to go into a country in order to force a change of Government. If the majority of Iraqis had of really wanted it, then the US could have used it’s normal sneaky methods and caused a revolution.

    There are a lot of side issues here, and the fact is GW really didn’t care if Saddam was in power or not … it all has very little to do with installing Democracy.

    Anyway, hopefully the Iraqis will be able to pull themselves out of this mess eventually.

    It’s just a shame so many innocent people have had to die because of a complete balls up caused by GW and his friends.
    about 50% of American’s are now opposed to the war … more people have died as a result of the war than under Saddam’s Government … at the end of the day, it makes very little sense and I just hope the ‘uke Iran’ thing doesn’t go ahead, as Iraq will ignite like a candle again, and it won’t be safe for anyone.