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HTNet Sister Site: Wijaya Watch

On 11th April 2006, I was conned into making a purchase of things which I would not have bought under normal circumstances. It was the infamous “scratch and win” scam you read quite regularly in the news but with a twist of ingenuity by the scammers. To put it simply, the act they put in pulling up the scam would definitely qualify for an Oscar nomination.

I may be intellectually gifted, but this incident proves to me that I need to study human behavioural patterns more… especially for cases where the person is hell bent on gaining at the expense of a fellow human being. Yes, it has been proven that there are areas for which I need to improve and fast.

The company that pulled the con job on me is called Wijaya Marketing Sdn Bhd. Since that day, getting as many people to find out about this scamming company has become high on my priority list. Furthermore, I will assist fellow victims to get even with Wijaya Marketing through legal means. Hence, the creation of Wijaya Watch.

Wijaya Watch is my online presence to document my fight against the scammers, Wijaya Marketing. I will not rest until this fraudulent company is destroyed along with its founders.

If you’d like to help me in my quest, please link to Wijaya Watch in your blog or web site. I would appreciate every bit of publicity I can get from you.

Thank you.