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WordPress Theme Toolkit Double Dot Fix

No, this is not a security fix for WordPress Theme Toolkit or anything along those lines. It’s merely a workaround for my personal use which I’d like to share with others who happen to be in the same situation as myself.

The thing is, at my workplace, we’re using an IDP device which filters packets deemed to be dangerous. Consequentially, URLs containing double dots (..) seem to be categorised as dangerous by the IDP unit, and rightfully so.

This causes me not to be able to configure the WordPress Theme Toolkit settings for my theme because of the URL used to access the configuration page: http://host/wp-admin/themes.php?page=../themes/tuned/functions.php. Regardless to say, this pisses me off :P. Anyway, rather than getting angry, I chose to get coding. Within minutes, I now have a fully working WordPress Theme Toolkit installation that’s not blocked by my IDP unit.

The modified themetoolkit.php file can be downloaded here. Just rename the themetoolkit.txt file to themetoolkit.php and place it in your theme’s directory.

Ozh, if you’re reading this… do you think that this can be included in the next release of WordPress Theme Toolkit?