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Tun Dr. Mahathir Can’t Really Retire

…and this is nothing new. It seems to be a highly contagious disease among elderly leaders of the peninsula.

At first, he assured everyone (who’s gullible enough to believe him in the first place) that he will step down and not meddle in the affairs of the Government. However, it’s obvious that he has a fetish for mega-projects even in his post-retirement days. When it comes to Dr. M’s mega-babies, he proves that he still can spew tons of excrement, nevermind that he’s no longer part of the government.

Well, Tun Dr. Mahathir… Let me, a citizen of Johor Bahru give you an account of what us average JBian think about your “scenic bridge”:

  • We don’t give a rat’s ass about bilateral and/or collateral political nonsense talk. What the heck you “discussed” with the Lee Dynasty Members of Singapore is insignificant as hell.
  • You visited JB probably less than a dozen times during your tenure, and suddenly you have the audacity to suggest that a bridge is “needed” for JB’s economy. Based on what?
  • Improved water flow to reduce the effect of pollution? Face it, you’re a qualified physician, eventhough you’ve probably not practiced for a huge chunk of your life. Please do not talk about areas which are outside your expertise. It makes you sound illogical and senile.
  • Have you even been on the causeway? Seriously. Without the outriders and diplomatic corp’s access priviledges, you’ll most likely see that the traffic problem on the causeway is due to Singapore’s bureaucratic hassles. The problem is definitely on their side, and not even a 12 lane highway bridge can solve this.

I’m probably not as proficiently as the good Dr. when it comes to ranting, so I guess I better stop here before things get out hand. Maybe to keep it in perspective; to me, Dr. Mahathir, you’re really the PM of NAM, the PM of OIC, the PM of ASEAN, the PM of UMNO and probably even the PM of The Unaudited Public Sector, only then were you probably the PM of Malaysia. For once, I had a chance to live and breathe under the premiership of someone who puts Malaysia first… please let him do his job!

To Dr. Mahathir, if you by any chance are reading this… I’m begging you to please stop using the press as your loudspeaker. We have had more than enough of your ramblings for more than two decades… not to mention that it’s a waste of paper and ink.

If you find that too hard to do, get yourself a blog then. Probably Mr. Lim Kit Siang can help you get started.

2 responses to “Tun Dr. Mahathir Can’t Really Retire”.

  1. menj Says:

    Oh, please don’t suggest that old retard to get himself a blog! I think the world will end if he does that. LOL….

    – MENJ

  2. ylchong Says:

    Frankly, I second your thoughts only 1/2. The other 1/2 I sued his “revelation” as a dagger to kill another (if you’re Chinoserie, you’d know what I mean, IF not, please consult a Chinaman…).
    If the good doctor wants a good philosophic blog with Poetry, I can sell my Sexpertise — RM20million — cheap what? to someone always dealing in billion$ projects (That comes under mega-P, rite?)