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Web Application Ideas

I’ve been searching high and low for web sites that collects web application ideas. The reason I’m interested in such resources is that I’m trying to find real world web application needs that are currently unfulfilled.

Especially worth knowing are applications that are traditionally standalone and/or are not based on a client-server models. Surely there must be something like that out there. If you happen to know of such resources, or have an interesting idea of your own, I’m more than happy to hear from you.

11 responses to “Web Application Ideas”.

  1. Hallaj Says:

    I don’t really have an idea but I kinda like yours. I’ll be looking in this post a lot I guess 😉

  2. Tet Gambito Says:

    Ditto here. Perhaps the three of us can start such a site or even a community.

  3. Farouk Says:

    Same reason brought me here. will be interested to join

  4. vamsi Says:

    🙂 i am happy to see similar people like..i thought i am the only one to search for new Ideas online..!!!!

  5. Khera Preet Says:

    I have an idea i want your help to implement it.
    i wanna create a b2b site with unlimited subdomain. which can fulfill small business needs. we can charge a minimal amount for that….

    how can i start working on it.

    appreciate your help in advance.

  6. Jiffin Says:

    Check this website:

    I think Converting the HOT Desktop app to Web, applications that suitable for iPhone and/or mobile version, SMS applications which interacts with web and users are some of the points from my side.

    If you have any very good ideas about and s/w application that can be useful to users in the future, please let me know at


  7. peshkira Says: maybe…

  8. JohnSmith Says:

    Nice article 🙂

  9. James Says:

    Hi there,
    we have a fair number of ideas posted on

    And offer Amazon Kindle as a prize for the best one posted before 1st of March 2011

  10. Jan Says:

    Same reason i came to this post, Good ideas is as scarce as chicken teeth;)

  11. Kunal Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Go to ! Might be you are looking for such a website !