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AMD-ATI Merger on the Horizon?

Hmm… my favourite CPU producer and my most hated GPU producer merging? Ohh… the drama!

I have no idea how Forbes’ industry watchers and RBC Capital Markets came to this conclusion, and stating that it “makes sense”. Personally, I just don’t see the two complementing each other. I guess, only time will tell.

2 responses to “AMD-ATI Merger on the Horizon?”.

  1. basu Says:

    it might make sense if they decide to make integrated “high-power” motherboards, with AMD processor and ATI graphics systems built directly into the board and some “hotwiring” system, so that they can interchange data directly instead of going through shared buses. I don’t know about the biz side, but I hope they make some cool tech.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Well, that’s the funny thing. Mobos were never the forte of the big two; Intel and AMDs. It has always been a market dominated by names like ASUS, MSI, AOpen, etc.

    And it’s really up to these mobo manufacturers to decide on which chipset (again, another area where brands like VIA and NVidia are performing strongly) to use and what devices (on-board GPU, NICs, etc.) to integrate.

    That’s why I said that I just don’t see AMD and ATI complementing each other. If this merger story turns out to be true, the merged entity will act in a typical business behaviour, ie. trying to monopolise the market(s) they’re in. Just look at how a lot of Intel mobos integrate their 828xxG display adapters onboard.

    I’m a Linux user primarily and an additional worry I have over this speculation should it become true, is the (traditionally) poor display drivers for ATI GPUs.

    I guess, we’ll just have to see how it goes 🙂