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Xfce 4.4 Beta 2 Released

Xfce 4.4 Beta 2 was announced a few hours ago on the Xfce mailing list. The changelog detailing fixes and features added from 4.4 Beta 1 can be read here.

I’ve been using 4.4 Beta 1 since it was released and must say that it does look much prettier than the 4.2 releases. It’s still lightweight and fast though. One thing I did not like so much was the creation of desktop icons for minimised applications, which is the default setting.

Also missed was xfcalendar that wasn’t included in the 4.4 Beta 1 release. No mention of it in the changelog, so until I get Beta 2 up and running on my home box, I’m assuming that it’s still not included in this release… which kinda sucks.

Downloads are available on this page.