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My .NET Experience

It’s been ages since I’ve written anything on HTNet. However, it’s mostly for good reasons. I’ve been focusing a lot on my projects at work. Believe it or not, I’m finally getting cozy with .NET programming… specifically in C#. Mostly doing database interaction stuff on Windows forms. I’ve yet to try out web forms stuff, and most likely won’t be doing so in the near future. I can’t see what PHP can’t already do in this area.

Mind you, I’m not done with blogging yet… but it just seems that work is becoming the most interesting aspect of life to me recently. The politics might suck, but the projects are nevertheless fulfilling. But enough of that… let’s get on with business.

Playing with the .Net Framework for almost a month now has given me more insight into how a robust framework should work like. I’ve always been critical of the Mono project, thinking why the hell would the Open Source community want to create a compatible framework. Now everything is clearer.

The .Net Framework makes creating and deploying application simpler and faster. Furthermore, you get to program in the languages that you’re more familiar with and thus making the learning curve peak higher and faster.

I must say that although I’m an Open Source advocate and a late starter in using .Net technologies, I’m nevertheless impressed with what I’ve seen. There’s no doubt in my mind that Microsoft definitely has a winner in this framework.

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