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Steve Irwin: A Loss Of An Educator

I’ll be honest, I’m not really a fan of The Crocodile Hunter. This does not mean however, that I don’t appreciate the work of Steve Irwin. To me, he is the pioneer of close-contact wildlife documentary. His work has spawned numerous production of which the concepts are similar to his.

What I respect most about the late Steve Irwin is the fact that he educates by demonstration. Regardless of the cuts, bruises and wounds inflicted upon him by the subjects of his documentaries, Steve has tremendous respect for the reptiles and other dangerous animals he’s showcasing. Although I don’t know him personally, his enthusiasm shone through his glittering eyes everytime he’s wrestling with a crocodile, getting tangled with a python or just explaining the eating habits of some exotic large lizard.

What saddens me the most is not the way he passed away. Not many people get to say that they died doing something they love. I’m very sad though, thinking of his immediate family, especially his very young children of ages eight and three. My sincerest condolences to the Irwins. And Steve, my prayers go to you and the knowledge you’ve imparted upon me and millions others around the world.

Thank you, Crocodile Hunter. You are a gem in the wildlife documentary world and will be missed.

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  1. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    I think most of the world shares your sentiments.