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What is Prosopagnosia?

I was listening to the BBC World Service a few days ago when I heard a programme on Prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness. What amazes me about this paticular mental condition is the fact that how weirded out the sufferer must feel when they get the occasional “Hi!” from a colleague outside of the office.

You see, people suffering from prosopagnosia could not identify people via facial features, a primary mean of identification for most normal people. Instead, they tend to rely on clothes, location (ie. where a particular person sits in the office) and voice (among other factors) to associate someone with their identity.

As you could probably imagine, those suffering from prosopagnosia will be extremely confused of a person’s identity should he or she not be in a particular location the person was when they first met. They could also be very disoriented should a person they’ve known true voice tone suffer from sore throat or other vocal affecting diseases.

You can find out more about prosopagnosia by reading this page on There are even tests which you can take to find out if you’re suffering from the disorder.

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    I did above average on both tests! 🙂