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Happy Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin dari kami di HTNet.

In English that would roughly translate to Happy Aidilfitri and apologies for all previous wrongdoings from us at HTNet.

I’m posting this from the office… yeah, my company didn’t extend the Hari Raya holiday to include today as most banks and government offices do. But honestly, I don’t really care. It’s almost like a real holiday anyway. 90% of my colleagues are already gone for their holidays anyway which leave me pretty much with almost nothing to do 😀

I’ll be spending Hari Raya in JB, so for those of you who know me in person, feel free to drop by and visit. For those of you who are taking to the roads, drive safe… remember your loved ones.

3 responses to “Happy Aidilfitri”.

  1. benjamin and yus Says:

    i’d pity the dude man !

    he should be enjoying his last days in an old folks home. . .

    what kind of family would live him to fix poth holes in the middle of the dangerous street ! ! !

  2. jbbeng Says:

    Ruman kat mana kawan?

  3. jbbeng Says:

    Oppsss…. I mean “rumah”.

    Cheers and Happy Aidil Fitri.