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The Pursuit of Happiness: Moving On

I’ve came to the point in my working life where I realised that what I’ve been doing is not in line with what I want my career path to be heading to. Essentially, it’s inevitable that there’s just never going to be an alignment between my vision and my job functions. So, what am I going to do?

That’s the easy part… surely it’s as simple as realigning myself back on track. The next question is, which part of the equation needs recalibration; my job functions or my vision? I definitely have near zero influence on my job functions. It’s almost totally dependant on the corporate direction of my employers and/or whatever the powers-that-be are toying with in their management meetings.

That leaves me with the other option of adjusting my vision of what I want to be doing in my working life. Let’s further analyse what this would be:

  1. Do something that contributes to the bottom line of the organisation, and inevitably my personal income.
  2. Contribute in engineering systems that are useful and essential to the organisation.
  3. Having a creative approach towards problem solving and achieving clearly defined strategic business goals.
  4. Staying out of the politics and advancing the sciences.
  5. Letting my products do the talking instead of my eloquent business meeting linguistics.
  6. Gain recognition as being an essential team player.
  7. To be leading instead of instructing and to be lead instead of instructed.
  8. Respecting others and be respected in return.
  9. Changing those around me to be better than they were… and if they get to be better than me, I’ll be absolutely thrilled and proud.
  10. Enjoying the ride and getting more people on board to reach the common destination.

I found it impossible to strike out even one of those items. If I don’t achieve all of the above then I’ve failed my own vision. With that said, it’s inevitable. If I can’t achieve my vision via my present job, then it’s obvious that I’m on the wrong career path.

Fortunately for me, the opportunity to fulfill my vision has materialised somewhat unexpectedly. I’ve been invited to join what I see as a dynamic group of talented people destined to change the web industry (at least in Malaysia) for the better. I have that “this is it” feeling tingling throughout my body everytime I communicate with my would be colleagues. I’ve seen their values being reflected throughout their products… and I like what I see. Honestly, I can even see myself doing what they do and it looks like a beautiful picture… a masterpiece if I may say so myself.

Interesting projects and great corporate direction aside, I’d get to work more directly with open source technologies and wrangling useful real-world applications with it. Sure beats mind-numbing preview and review discussions on just picking a damn development tool when the decision maker clearly already has a preferential bias towards one but is keen to make it look like a “unanimous decision”.

Goodbye boardroom politics and hello (real) world!

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