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Need Furniture? Do Not Buy From Picket & Rail!

My mum found a nice TV console which she thought was suitable for my new apartment while window shopping at Picket & Rail Johor Bahru (which is in Giant Tampoi) two weeks ago. She immediately paid for it (God bless her kind heart) and scheduled for it to be delivered on 16 December 2006 at 12:00pm.

I was bubbling with excitement and can’t wait to see the console! On Friday night at about 9:00pm I received a call from a Picket & Rail staff stating that he wants to confirm the delivery at 4:00pm. I told him that the delivery order stated specifically that the console should be delivered at 12:00pm, and that the delivery date and time was decided two weeks ago! The guy said that there’s some scheduling problem and that they can only deliver at 4:00pm. No apologies… and very ultimatum-like. Begrudgingly, I agreed to the new schedule.

The next day, I waited for the delivery. 4:00pm came, but no sign of Picket & Rail’s delivery truck. At 4:15pm I called their so-called Customer Service Line. Told the staff that my delivery which was scheduled at 4:15pm was a no-show. The guy who picked up my call said that he’ll check with the delivery staff, asked for my contact number (which was on the bloody Delivery Order anyway) and hung up. Rude, obnoxious and totally uncalled for!

He called back roughly two minutes later and said that the delivery will arrive at 5:00pm. At this point, I was bloody pissed off! Not only did this person not apologise for the delay, somehow the bloody idiots at Picket & Rail think that customers have all the time in the world to wait for their delivery. I demanded to know why Picket & Rail couldn’t deliver on time for an order which was placed two weeks ago, and rescheduled on their request. They had all the time in the world to schedule the delivery properly but yet failed to do so! The excuse was lame and astoundingly idiotic; it’s raining. I can’t contain my anger anymore and screamed to the guy, “What the hell are you using to deliver? A bicycle?!”. Again, no apologies whatsoever, he merely replied, “No, a lorry”.

The console finally arrived at 5:30pm, and… wait for this… without it’s bloody glass top! In the name of all that’s holy, Picket & Rail should be renamed to Stupid & Failed! I know that the delivery guys are damned scared of what’s about to happen. They know that the delivery is incomplete. However, I didn’t lash at them. I know that they’re just doing delivery. Somebody at Stupid & Failed’s logistics cocked the hell up.

The idiot working the so-called Customer Service Line called me soon and said that they didn’t bring the glass top for the console. Of course I bloody know that! I’m looking at the topless console now! He then asked me what I wanted to do. To which I replied, You should be the one to tell me what the hell you will do! This order was placed two weeks ago and still you manage to mess it up. This is stupidity at its finest! No apologies, no nothing, and you act as if this is how your stupid company operates. Unbloodybelievable!”

Fourty minutes later, two guys from Stupid & Failed finally brought the glass top for the bloody TV console. Again, no apologies, no nothing… they simply placed the glass top and left.

To sum it up, if you’re looking to buy furniture, do not buy from Picket & Rail because:

  1. They don’t value your time
  2. They don’t value your business
  3. They have incompetent and rude staff
  4. The furnitures are not that nice anyway
  5. Even at “discounted prices”, it’s definitely not worth the inevitable post-sales heartache

14 responses to “Need Furniture? Do Not Buy From Picket & Rail!”.

  1. paper shredders Says:

    Get a carpenter to customise one to your need. I have a carpenter contact if you really need. Can pass you his number and you call him direct.

  2. JavaKing Says:

    Hi, i chanced upon your rant on Picket & Rail and can’t stop laughing (pardon me, but it is really funny). I thoroughly enjoyed everybit of it and it helped reminisce bits of my own experience when i lived in JB. Just a funny moment thought – “Pick & Rail”?

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi JavaKing,

    Sure it’s funny… unless it happened to you!

    Well, the good news is I heard they’re gonna close shop here in JB anyway. Probably one too many botched deliveries.

    They won’t be missed.

  4. JavaKing Says:

    Howdy! I can empathise your situation then. Looking at the other side of the coin. What can be worse than living in a city without a good name brand furniture mall? I just heard from my Penang colleagues that even Penang has top notch brands there. But in JB, subject of robberies and the non-chalant attitude of law enforcers here are practically on the lips of everyone i meet for tea or dinner. What is going with the JB economy? Is the economic climate to blame for such customer service? It might be….

  5. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi JavaKing,

    In all honesty, Malaysia isn’t really somewhere you can sell, “branded” furniture. Are there any particular brands you’re referring to?

    I know for a fact that virtually any furniture store (bar Ikea) you’ll find in KL, you’d also find in JB.

    Also, the economy is good in JB. Sure, our prices are marginally higher than KL and Penang, but not by much. In my opinion this shows that JBians actually have more spending power compared to their KL and Penang counterparts.

    As for the crime rate, I personally think that this is more hype than reality. I find it hard to believe that JB’s crime rate is worse than KL or Penang.

    Anyway, just for your information JB ranks as the 101st most livable city in the world in the latest QOL study by Mercer Human Resource Consulting.

    Just for comparative purposes, KL ranked 75th while Penang didn’t even make the list (which ranks 215 cities). Not so bad now, ain’t it?

  6. faisal alsagoff Says:

    paria $ real

  7. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    faisal alsagoff, assuming you really are the CEO of Stupid & Failed (a.k.a. Picket & Rail); no wonder the company is screwed.

  8. TS Says:

    This company no longer associate with their US counterpart.
    sure doom

  9. Hellboy Says:

    Johore Baru is a lousy place, bad manners, arrogant people, crime filled, expensive and definitely no good furniture companies. all have left because it is definitely not worth it. KL is the best and always will be. Grow up. Even the govt is building Nusajaya and moving the state admin these. JB is doomed for decay.

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  14. Aswin Says:

    Chanced upon this site. This sounds more like a little child’s rant rather than a well rounded customer review. So there’s one botched delivery, and you immediately claim the whole company sucks. They make so many deliveries a day, of course there is bound to be one or two mishaps. Rather than calmly speaking to the customer service officer, you start screaming at him. Reminds me of a three year old kid throwing a tantrum. Grow up.

    And what’s wrong with Faisal Alsagoff being the CEO of picket and rail?