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Which DVD Player Do You Recommend?

While checking out the electronics section at Giant, I came across two DVD players which:

  • Can play DivX files
  • Can read DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW
  • Is within my budget 🙂

The first one is LG’s DVX162. It’s slim and compact and supports Xvid (but isn’t Xvid compatible with DivX anyway?) as well. However, I’m not too keen on buying an LG product due to past experiences.

Next in my to-consider list is Panasonic’s DVD-S325. It’s selling point is that it supports DivX up to version 6 (the current version at the time of this post). It’s slightly more expensive than the DVX162.

Any of my esteemed readers own(ed) any of the above players? Would you recommend buying them? Why? Looking forward to your feedback.

4 responses to “Which DVD Player Do You Recommend?”.

  1. ducky Says:

    try either pioneer or philips, look for a later version that plays up to divx version 6, which i think is the current latest version. some display as divx ultra, which claims to read even subtitles, i got one it doesnt work, thats my philips player. so divx video, should be enough. so between the 2, which is better ? pioneer is very user friendly. but philips can play anything under the sky. should not pay anything more than RM300.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi ducky,

    Thanks for your recommendations. I will check out players from Pioneer and Phillips as well.

    Which model did you buy?

  3. ducky Says:

    my pioneer is rather outdated dv383, plays up to divx 4 or 5.
    my philips much newer, dvp5140k, plays up to divx 6.
    funny thing about philips dvd player, they dont come with dts ! most pioneer player are standard with it. and this philips player when watching a .avi, there is no function for search time/track, but the ff & rr is super fast, x32.
    i think a newer verion of pioneer would be recommended.
    else try those giant/carefour brands like cc/gc/etc, cost like Rm150+.
    i notice when ppl buy this kind of divx player, they always bring along their own dvd disc ! but anyway i’m no tech expert.

  4. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    I’m planning to bring misc DivX/Xvid contents on several DVDs; specifically the +RW and -RW discs too…

    Just in case 😉

    Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it very much!