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Best CNY Fast Food Offering: Prosperity Burger

There’s just something about McDonald’s Prosperity Burger that makes it so damn irresistible! Is it:

  • The tender, soft, longish beef patty (yeah, I know there’s a chicken version of it, but I’m a beef addict, so moo to you!)?
  • The generous dose of black pepper sauce?
  • The delightful onion rings?
  • All of the above?

Too bad that this is one of McD’s “seasonal” food offering… which is one of the reasons why I love Chinese New Year!

If they sell it permanently, I might be one of their most regular customers. I’ve had three Prosperity Burgers so far this week… it’s definitely the best burger ever invented by mankind!

2 responses to “Best CNY Fast Food Offering: Prosperity Burger”.

  1. Wahlau.NET Says:

    wow..that is real good stuff….love it….too bad 2006 they ran out of stocks early

  2. Ramble_On Says:

    Oh I fall in love with the Prosperity Burger since it was first introduced in Brunei a couple of years ago, but yes, sadly, its only once a year love-affair I have with it. I just love everything about it. Period.