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HTNet Has Migrated Servers

Finally, I’m off from Malaysia’s No. 1 incompetent web host… and very happy to do so. In a way, those dimwits has dented my “Malaysia Boleh” faith… but whatever, life goes on.

I’ve migrated HTNet and my company’s webby. It’s been a year since I last used a cPanel based hosting package, and after being tortured by the annoyances of Plesk… I treasure the change. Not to mention the availability of ssh, which makes my life much easier by just updating my sites using wget, cvs or svn. Life is such so much easier now!

Anyway, my real beef with Mercumaya is that there was a time when their server was down. Well, shit happens, I can accept that… I was a support engineer myself once. But the unacceptable part was that none of their staff had the common courtesy of informing me, a customer, about this issue. Not by email, not by phone… and we’re in the same country. When I called, the person answering said that the hard disks were busted… and they might take 3-4 hours to “fix” it (which I assumed actually means replacing it and restoring from backup).

Well, that 3-4 hours turned to 3-4 days. On the fourth day, my friend Omar, who’s hosting his site, as well as some customers on Mercumaya too, gave me a call and said that he contacted Mercumaya and they informed him that the server is now up again. However, they totally fscked our data. Yeah, daily backups my ass.

All in all, I just know that they’ll go bust soon anyway. Idiots who treat their customers that way, usually won’t make it far. For me, it’s just a case of good riddance to bad rubbish.

3 responses to “HTNet Has Migrated Servers”.

  1. tyler Says:

    I recently switched our companies webhost also. Our old company went out of business so I switched us to Bluehost. They give me SSH which rocks. They have a very customized cPanel which is really nice. I’ve never had to use Plesk.

    May I ask who’s hosting your site now?

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Now I’m hosting with Tronictech, which is the “unsupported web hosting” wing of Ion Web Services.

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Minor update, Mercumaya is now third in google’s worldwide search for “incompetent web host” (with no quotes) and No. 1 with quotes.

    Revenge is so sweet with sufficient PR. 🙂