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More Feels That The US Is A Negative Global Influence

As reported by BBC News, the view of the US’s role in the world has became significantly worse both internationally and domestically. Quoted from the article (emphasis mine):

When asked about US military presence in the Middle East, an average of 68% of respondents across the 25 countries answered that it “provokes more conflict than it prevents”.

Wow… more than two-thirds of the respondents feel that US presence in the Middle East cocks things up rather than fix anything. Why am I not surprised 😉

3 responses to “More Feels That The US Is A Negative Global Influence”.

  1. Dabido Says:

    Sounds like public opinion in the world hasn’t changed much since they started the war. At least the war is now becoming unpopular in the US as well.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    The real question to me is why should wars become popular, or even necessary, anyway?

  3. Dabido Says:

    Azmeen – Good question. I guess wars shouldn’t be [and in most peoples minds aren’t] popular. The USA though seem to think they’re improving the world by playing Sherif.
    What can you do when the power hungry idiots at the top make stupid decisions which lead countries into war?
    The leaders need to get their people on side, and the average pacifist has large concerns with the leaders attempt to make wars look like ‘necessary things’ and as such try to gain public support from them.

    The average person in the street of any country doesn’t need wars, nor do they want them.