Up To A Quarter Of Net Connected Computers Might Be Zombies

The BBC has an article where Vint Cerf expressed concern that out of the 600 million computers currently on the internet, between 100 and 150 million are part of botnets that can be used for malicious purposes.

Botnets are often used by crackers to do all sort of net nastiness from spamming to launching DDOS attacks.

Quoted from the article:

Operating systems like Microsoft Windows, meanwhile, still made it too easy for criminals to infiltrate them, the experts said.

The article also has the typical “Windows Vista will fix all these issues and make your coffee as well” blurb, which I’m sure will win the BBC more pro-MS fans. It begs the question why it seems to be pushing a seemingly “use original Windows OS or you’ll get skewered by h4x0rish trojan botnets” message, rather than a better-suited “explore more reliable alternative OS” one.