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The Duck That Refuses to Die

You’d probably expect an animal to be long gone after being shot and refrigerated for two days. However, Perky the duck, continues to beat the odds despite being “temporarily dead” twice on an operating table. From the BBC:

“The first time she stopped breathing a quick thump on the chest brought her back,” Ms May told the BBC News website.

“But once the surgeon started sewing her back up she stopped breathing again, this time for 15 seconds.”

When a second thump failed to bring Perky round, veterinary surgeon David Hale tried manipulating the duck’s beak, before using a needle to shock her into consciousness.

At one point the duck was given pure oxygen through a face mask, Ms May said.

“At that point the vet turned and said: ‘I’m sorry, she’s gone.'”

The room fell into shocked silence as those present took in the news, but then Perky raised her head and began flapping her wings.