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Media Exposure Unethical?

In the aftermath of an accident where 7 year old, Nur Salina Saparedi was killed, TV stations have been painted as “not practising proper ethiques” by Deputy Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin (he’s the ugly guy on the second last row, last picture).

Basically, this guy thinks that the coverage of the ensuing protests over the death of young Nur Salina, where some participants placed a coffin in the middle of the road shouldn’t be given such a priority to be aired on primetime. He said that the incident was “visually unpleasant” and “not normal”.

Well Datuk, losing a child who was needlessly killed in an accident is visually unpleasant and not normal.

Sometimes, I just feel that if only more Malaysian politicians at least try to use their brains a bit before talking, this country would be a much better place.

My deepest condolences go to the family and friends of Nur Salina.

3 responses to “Media Exposure Unethical?”.

  1. ItchyMicchi Says:

    hi, if the idiot thought that was unethical, abnormal and unpleasant, then maybe tv stations should have screened the blood smeared on the road just to put things in perspective.

    what a git. i suppose he thinks that if we don’t see it then it’s okay. or maybe it will only matter if a VIP’s child is killed.

    like you said, if they talked less out of their asses, then maybe there might have been a pedestrian bridge for the kids, but the way things are, i think human sacrifices are in order for something to be done. not that i’m serious about it, mind.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    The sickening thing for me is to see the politicians on TV, saying that there’s a need to ban lorries from using the road since a nearby highway has already been completed. There’s also talk about the “poor attitude” of drivers on basic road safety. And why only now have they constructed 6 humps on the road? And why only now do the authorities see the need for speed regulating strips?

    Heck, did they just realise this after 44 deaths on that particular stretch? After years of lobbying by the villagers which obviously fell on deaf ears?

    I see this as a case of “a little action which was a little too late”. Of course the politicians will choose to see this as a case of “better late than never”.

  3. tyler Says:

    lol @ Itchy: “i think human sacrifices are in order for something to be done”.

    Honestly, I’ve almost been to the point where the only way I think something can get done is by simply offing somebody. That’s not a good thing.

    This is a disturbing story. 44 deaths on that particular stretch? If it were me, I would have done something after 5 deaths.

    A young boy was killed here not too long ago after the city of Des Moines started turning off some street lights to save energy. This little boy was outside playing at night and he got killed by a car that didn’t see him cuz the city turned off all the street lights on his street. However, unlike your situation, the street lights came back on the following night.