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Compare Windows Vista Editions

Microsoft has put up a page detailing the differences between various Windows Vista editions available. They are Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate. It may help you plan (and save) for your Windows Vista purchase. As for me? I’d stick with Linux for my home computing, and my employers don’t seem to bother being early adopters of Windows Vista, unsurprisingly.

Looking from the chart, it seems to me that the editions are merely categorising what sort of additional bloat, err… features that are bundled with it. I fail to see what makes the bundled stuff so significant that it has to be packaged into different editions. It’s not like you can’t extend the base OS with other third party applications.

Is this destined to be a signicant case study of proprietary OS marketing gone wrong? What do you think?

3 responses to “Compare Windows Vista Editions”.

  1. Lucifer Says:

    its not only marketing gone wrong! its another guise on how MS is full of OS dominance BS………….

    for me, long live SOLARIS, UNIX, LINUX…..


  2. Dabido Says:

    I wonder how many peopel will get turned off Vista. Youneed one of the latest machines [bought in the last year] to run it on, and most people are not going to be in a hurry to upgrade … I wonder if Bill misunderstands how much disposal income people actually have. Most aren’t going to be rushing out to spend AUD$1000+ just to get a machine to run Vista on.
    I can see XP being the dominant OS till people either turn onto Macs or Linux.
    [I wouldn’t be surprised if Macs take a huge market share off MS over the next three years … after all, they’re very much a plug it in and it works sort of machine that can appeal to most users, and they come with the OS installed. While Linux still has some marketing to do to make people see it as friendlier.]

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    I don’t mind the marketing that much, but I think if you give the average person too much choice when it comes to their OS, it’ll cause more harm than good. Imagine the following scenario:

    Customer: I’d like to buy Windows Vista.
    Seller: OK. Which edition would you like?
    Customer: What’s an “edition”?
    Seller: It’s like the “version” of the software.
    Customer: Yes, I said Windows Vista. You know, the latest one.

    Yes, the wonders of Microsoft software engineering. It’s strange how the newer a Microsoft product is, the higher the host computer spec requirements become.

    Compare this to most open source software, it’s literally a total opposite; the more mature an open source software becomes, the more system architectures it can run on.

    Thanks for the comments guys 🙂