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Four Irritating Things To Avoid In Your Product’s Web Site

Web sites are an excellent medium for corporations to showcase their products. It’s easy to use, visitors can take their own sweet time to browse the site as well as saving time and transport expenses to go to a physical store.

However, some companies have ridiculously unintuitive web sites that I have to question what’s their motives for setting a half-baked one in the first place. Listed below are four of the more prevalent web irritants I’ve encountered:

I Don’t Care Who Owns The Products, Just Show It To Me!

One of the most irritating approaches to designing is the method of greeting the visitor with a history lesson of the company’s milestones, achievements and awards received instead of showcasing their products.

Most people don’t like to be lectured on a mundane topic such as you company’s history. Sure, it might give you that tingling nostalgic feeling over your past achievement (or your grandfather’s, depending on who the founder is), but I really don’t give a hoot.

Please just showcase the product in a way that I can find more information on it with minimal clicks and searching; before I lose interest and go to the competitor.

Sell The Products, Not The Company

Some web sites confuse me on a much higher level. They seem to be more interested in pushing as much corporate info into my face rather than promoting their products or services.

It’s probably interesting to you that your company is pushing to be listed on NASDAQ by the third quarter of this year, but for me, a consumer, it doesn’t really matter (unless I also happen to be a stockbroker).

“Oh! You’re An MNC, So What?”

One of the things I really hate is having to choose the country or region I’m from when viewing the home page of a company’s web site. Seriously, if you can have branches in every country in the world, surely you can use technologies such as GeoIP to identify where I’m from.

More importantly, if your product is truly global, then it shouldn’t be so important that you need to know up front where your customers are coming from. If it’s for localization purposes, you can almost always automatically detect your visitors’ preferred locale from their browser.

“Help Me Buy, Not Confuse Me!”

One bad way to showcase your products is by brands. It simply makes no sense at all to consumers who want to find out what’s available. Unless you’re absolutely certain that 100% of your visitors make their choice of product to by solely by its brand then, please avoid this method at all costs.

Imagine you’re interested to buy a wireless router, and was lead to a page similar to this. Would you know which icon to click?

Other excellent methods of confusing potential customers include product listing by product codes, model numbers, and other forms of indecipherable naming conventions.