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PHP Statistics for January 2007 has published their PHP Statistics for January 2007.

Among the popular revision versions, 4.3.10 and 4.4.4 came up tops at roughly 15% and 20.7% each. The version that runs HTNet; 5.2.0, is used by just over 2% of the sites surveyed.

Amazingly, the survey also shows that Malaysia has a PHP adoption rate of 26.51%. Our southern neighbours has a slightly more robust uptake at 26.69%. Strangely, according to the results, we’re among the worst adopters of PHP in the region, especially if compared to PHP’s whopping 91.94% market share in Brunei.

Glad to see that PHP’s usage is growing. As they say, more users mean more tests. The end result will always be a better PHP for the world 🙂