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The Science Of Naming Your Company

“What’s behind a name?”

That question has probably been asked a couple of million times throughout history. If names doesn’t matter, why do so many celebrities use names which aren’t their birth names?

One of the most likely reason is that the birth name might not have “commercial value”, to put it simply. For example, I’m sure that many of you would agree that Brad Pitt sounds much better than William Pitt, right? Same goes for companies. Believe me, as an entrepreneur, you would not want to get stuck with a company name that sucks. Even if you decide later on to rename your company, you’d be spending money on a rebranding excercise which could be better utilised to further your business.

Therefore, it is better to get it right first hand. Naming your company is a simple process… but getting it a good name is an altogether separate thing. Lucky for us, Vitamin has a featured article on how to name your company.

Although it’s a very good writeup on the topic, I felt that it’s too English-centric. Lot’s of distinguished brand names are not English (eg. Coca Cola, Pepsi) or not “really” English (eg. Marlboro, Dunhill – they’re places). To me, the “snappiness” factor is much more important.

Yes, I know that the article mentioned this way up front. However, it really got under-emphasized from step two onwards. Nevertheless, I still found the article as a good read.