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Happy Chinese New Year

It’s that time of the year when almost all businesses seem to mysteriously close, the night’s silence occasionally broken by firecracker claps, and dancing lions roam the city…

Happy Chinese New Year… Gong Xi Fa Chai! Welcome, the year of the fire boarSnort! Snort!

3 responses to “Happy Chinese New Year”.

  1. Dabido Says:

    Gonna Eat Fat Chow! Happy Year of the pig. 😉

  2. Mei Ling Says:

    Chinese New Year to me is a few days of non-stop visitings to friends & relatives, eating endless amounts of mandarin oranges & cookies, having insufficient sleep ( ho hum … ) and wishing I could just sleep all day!!

  3. multidimid Says:

    “Happy Spring Festival” or “Happy Lunar New Year” to all celebrating at HTNet instead “Happy Chinese New Year as non-Chinese also clebrates this festival?

    But why must we celebrate ‘NEW YEARS at all’? Why Break up Ceaseless Flow of Time days, weeks, months etc…? SPACE & TIME Concepts are Illusions Caused by our Physical Senses; One Moment Exists & is Gone Forever? But whatever, the celebration symbolizes still what it has always symbolized for centuries: that the PRESENT is connected with the PAST; that our Families today are continuous with our Ancestors; that the Human world can be renewed, like the Natural world, every Spring.
    More details and enlightenment at: