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Tip For Driving In Heavy Rain: Wear Sunglasses

I do a lot of driving. One thing that never cease to amaze me is that whenever I take the occasional journey along the North-South Highway, there’s bound to be bouts of rain and sunshine.

Never in my life do I recall driving along the highway and the weather is consistent all the way. In case you’re wondering, most of my highway travels are from JB to KL and vice versa. Occasionally, there are trips a little further to the north. Let me tell you that nothing scares the heck out of me than driving in heavy rain.

One thing I discovered by accident is that when driving in heavy rain and wearing sunglasses at the same time, I have a much clearer view compared to driving without them. Perhaps it’s the refraction effect of UV rays being bounced off the lenses (Correction: Dabido has kindly pointed out that the process is actually called Polarisation).

I’m sure it’s not due to some specially treated glass used in the lenses. Reason being, the effect is similar regardless if I’m wearing expensive Ray Bans or cheap RM10 Petaling Street “Oakleys”.

Try it the next time you’re driving in heavy rain and by chance have a pair of sunglasses nearby.

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  1. Dabido Says:

    Good advice. I always hate when it rains and the stupid sun shine son the road making it impossible to see.
    The sunglasses are probably polarised, thus removing some of the problems with the rain as well. [You can’t see UV rays, so it won’t be that].

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Oh… it’s polarisation then, and not UV refraction. Thanks for the heads up, David.

    As you can probably see, optometry wasn’t one of my stronger subjects 🙂

  3. nomee Says:

    I am looking for sunglasses that are especially made for wearing in the rain for driving. Do you have any ideas where to get some?

  4. nomee Says:

    do you know where I can purchase sun glasses that are made for use while it rains?

  5. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    I doubt you can find one especially made for that purpose. But from my experience, all sunglasses work.

  6. Says:

    I have never heard of this. Since I live in Florida, where during certain summers,like this one, it rains alot and hard. I will give this one a try.

  7. Steve at Says:

    I found this looking for validation from my mother’s email saying to wear sunglasses in the rain – which is fine – but to do it at NIGHT as well! I’ve begged her not to wear her sunglasses at night, especially in reduced visibility and with the possibility of age-related night blindness, but she won’t listen to me. Either way, I can say that while all polarizaiton will help, logic dictates to me (as a pilot) that glasses specifically either for pilots (and ensure they ARE polarized, as often pilot glasses are not due to possible interference with the new electronic screen displays) or those specifically for fishing will be tinted to add glare reduction and help see “through” (respectively) clouds/water. Just my own humble.

  8. Steve at Says:

    PS To try to help at night (though I have no idea if polarization, which helps with sunlight, can somehow help at night as well) see if you can get un-tinted, polarized glasses. The effect will be similar to a polarized, un-tinted skylight you’d put on the end of your camera lens for protection. FWIW.

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  10. L Mueller Says:

    As a bus driver living in Florida, I drive regularly, and almost always wear sun glasses, unless the overcast is so heavy the light reaching the eyes is dimmed so much as to be dangerous.

    In most cases, the sun glasses remain on, even in rain. When I have removed them momentarily, I have not noticed any significant difference in visibility. If it’s 100 yards with the glasses, it’s still 100 yards without them. The rain drops slamming against the windshield do not “vanish.” They are still very obvious and interfere with vision.

    However, the mist and haze that often exists in rain can be diminished by sun glasses or “driving glasses.” This effect does make the image a little clearer, but does not increase the visual range.

    It is dangerous, even foolhardy, to wear sun glasses at night. You need all the weak light that’s available. It’s even worse when it is raining, because everything turns dark, even normally light road surfaces. “Driving glasses,” which are tinted a pale yellow or orange, are acceptable, because they reduce the intensity of the light very little, but greatly improve contrast.

  11. Bruno Says:

    I think sunglasses make you look better at night.
    And if you feel fabulus then you will drive
    that much better!

  12. AJ Says:

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  13. David B Says:

    Specialty night driving glasses can be had at

  14. Fred Says:

    Shouldn’t they be called rain classes. yuk yuk

  15. sunglasses Says:

    great tips..additionally wearing sunglasses much more looking cool

  16. jim the optician Says:

    never wear tinted glasses at nite. It reduces the amount of light entering the eye and enlarges the pupil allowing more glare from instrument lights.
    I own a saab it is designed by aircraft builders, there is a button on the dash for nite driving, it shuts down all instrument lights except fuel and speed.People that wear sunglasses are also dimming the dash lights but are reducing the ambient light on the road ahead. The best thing you can do for nite vision is to wear sunglasses during daylight to save the photosentive chemical in the human retina for better nite vision ( ask a military piolet that flys at nite.)