I do a lot of driving. One thing that never cease to amaze me is that whenever I take the occasional journey along the North-South Highway, there’s bound to be bouts of rain and sunshine.

Never in my life do I recall driving along the highway and the weather is consistent all the way. In case you’re wondering, most of my highway travels are from JB to KL and vice versa. Occasionally, there are trips a little further to the north. Let me tell you that nothing scares the heck out of me than driving in heavy rain.

One thing I discovered by accident is that when driving in heavy rain and wearing sunglasses at the same time, I have a much clearer view compared to driving without them. Perhaps it’s the refraction effect of UV rays being bounced off the lenses(Correction: Dabido has kindly pointed out that the process is actually called Polarisation).

I’m sure it’s not due to some specially treated glass used in the lenses. Reason being, the effect is similar regardless if I’m wearing expensive Ray Bans or cheap RM10 Petaling Street “Oakleys”.

Try it the next time you’re driving in heavy rain and by chance have a pair of sunglasses nearby.


What Say You?

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