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The Green Grid: Reducing Energy Consumption of Data Centers

The Green Grid is a global consortium of companies dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and computing ecosystems. At present, members include AMD, APC, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Rackable Systems, SprayCool, Sun Microsystems and VMware.

Yep, big IT industry names and for a good purpose too. The IT industry is probably one of the highest consumer of electricity, especially data centers. As processing speed increase multiple folds over the past decade or so, processors and other peripherals consume a lot more power than they use to. Heck, in that period I’ve moved from 200 watt PSUs to the present 400 watt one that currectly powers my home box.

On the Open Source front, the next Linux kernel release (2.6.21) will integrate a tickless kernel feature that’s designed to reduce CPU power consumption and power consumption.

Although initial tests seem to indicate minimal improvements, I believe that it’s a step in the right direction by the kernel hackers.

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