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Answer To Global Warming: UFO Technology

It makes sense as well. I’ve yet to seen a UFO (in pictures or movies) that emit any kind of fume whatsoever. It seems that they somehow can manipulate the laws of physics and gravity.

Imagine the impact on climate change and our environment in general if we can integrate this technology in our aircrafts and cars. Heck, mankind’s creation are much better looking compared to those bland saucer-like aerial carriages that our inter-galactic neighbours seem to prefer.

Therefore, I’m thankful that former Canadian defense minister; Paul Hellyer, came up with a proposal that governments worldwide disclose and use secret alien technologies obtained in alleged UFO crashes to stem climate change.

At 83, he still seem to have a very sharp mind. Now why didn’t I think of that!

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  1. Juan Antillon Says:

    If such alien technology exists it is well hidden until the leaders that contol the oil and transportation industries decide to release the alternative energy and flying technologies.
    I have always believed that we have been prepared to accept the existence of other world intelligences. Spielberg has been doing a great job at that. Does he know something that the rest of us do not ?
    Alien or not, the options to diminish the harmful effects on our environment do exist and it is clearly avoided by our businessmen/politicians.
    Alien or not, the consequences are going to be beyond human comprehension. A surely earthly chaos. So if they really exist-the aliens- this is their best opportunity to show up and save us since we don’t seem able to do it by ourselves.

    J.Antillon, engineer.
    Costa Rica, January 2008