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Real World Linux Implementations

One of the sticking point of Linux is that in the industry, it is yet to be fully seen as a mature platform, ready for real world implementations. The perception of Linux is still mind-warped to the early 90s, which tends to label Linux as a hobbyist OS.

Fact 1: Linux is very much ready for real world tasks. Fact 2: It is already adopted as a core business and/or operational platform by many organisations. Fact 3: Linux is severely undermarketed and its uptake by organisations tend to be mostly for tech-intensive duties where nobody outside of the technology diaspora can take notice.

Linux Magazine has chosen not to accept the status quo, and is running a series of publications highlighting the application of Linux solutions in key areas, namely; Government, Retail, and Telecoms.

Thanks to OSNews for the linkage.

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  1. tyler Says:

    I use Linux daily in a corporate environment. I’m glad I get the opportunity to do so. I know there’s lots of people, if not most, that don’t get to use it at work for anything.

    We use it on a server that everyone backs their files up to. We also use it for our database server in the warehouse/freezer. The db server distributes customer order data to client pc’s that verify every order that’s shipped out. These client pc’s are of course equipped with various barcode scanners.

    It works very nicely.