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Is Web Based Fax A Redundant Communications Tool?

I was never a fan of facsimile. It’s expensive, cumbersome, sometimes unreliable, has high maintenance costs and the output is decent only if compared to a 1970s photocopier’s output. Which is why I squirm when having to deal with parties which insist that correspondences with them should be via fax only.

Therefore, you should be able to understand my joy when I discovered the Internet and the nifty tool that has to offer: Email. It’s a godsend. I can type whatever info I want to send to somebody and have them receive it almost instantaneously as soon as I click the “Send” button. Additionally, I can attach supporting documents and images effortlessly along with my email. Furthermore, I’m virtually guaranteed that the recipient will have an exact printout of those attached documents and images should they choose to have hardcopies.

I thought that this should be enough to kill fax once and for all… how wrong was I.

Instead, comes a whole slew of web based fax services all over the Internet. I can’t help but think; “In the name of all that’s holy… WHY?!”. Shouldn’t we just move along? Remember horses and carriages? Neither did I… my ancestors abandoned them quite some time ago for bicycles, motorbikes and cars. Now why can’t we do the same with faxes?

The thing that really bugs me is why would you need web based fax when other communications technologies enabled by the Internet are much better in terms of cost savings, efficiency and reliability?

If any of my esteemed readers out there are using web based fax services, could you kindly enlighten me on the merits of using such systems. I honestly would like to know what benefits web based fax has over email or even traditional facsimile.

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  1. leenmafia Says:

    You mean you earn RM27500 monthly? WOW.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    I WISH!