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HTNet Blocked In China?

I stumbled upon and decided to test if HTNet is one of the web sites blocked by it. The result is as follows:

HTNet Blocked In China?

The first question that came to my mind was; “Why?”! Then I did a quick search on HTNet and found this post. Yeah, that might probably be it.

Then I checked out my visitors stats for 2007:

HTNet 2007 Statistics

I don’t seem to be lacking any Chinese visitors. Heck, they’re the fourth biggest consumers of my pages so far this year! Probably the test results are inaccurate. Or probably my Chinese visitors make use of proxies of some other methods of bypassing the Great Firewall of China.

If any Great Firewall of China firewall admins are reading this, then here’s an official message from me to you;

Comrades! HTNet is a China-friendly web site and we are more than happy to receive hits from your glorious nation. Please include HTNet in your whitelist 😉

2 responses to “HTNet Blocked In China?”.

  1. azrin Says:

    it’s cos your cheapskate reseller got his IP ADDRESS BLOCKED@!

    My Traffic comes in from China and we are on the same IP SUBNET.
    My 2c : Move off to a real HSP instead of 3rd party reseller.

    Azrin @
    SEO Engineering 101

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Nah, actually I reran the test two days ago. It seems that it got unblocked.

    My hosting package may be “cheap”… but it’s stable and I have more control over my hosting environment compared to any other previous hosts I had, including my previous Malaysian incompetent web host.