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I’m Done With Linking To NST; The Star May Be Next

I’ve pretty much decided from this month onwards not to link to any news articles from the NST. The Star is also on my watch list. The reason for this has nothing to do with lawsuits or any other sociopolitical reasons. To me, these online versions of Malaysian English dailies have a huge problem; improper online content archiving.

Hell, HTNet and over 90% of blogs out there have better archiving systems compared to NST and The Star. Examine the search results for NST linking content on HTNet. 100% of links to NST are now officially dead.

Posts which link to The Star are slightly better off. However, there are still dead links. One thing that peeves me about The Star URLs is that they are unpredictable! Check out the following two links:

The first one has www. prepended to the host name, while the second one doesn’t. The first link will always show a “Story File Not Found” error, while the second one is kind of a “hit and miss” thing.

What they both are to me is irritating! For God’s sake, I’m giving you people free traffic which might click your ads or heck, even subscribe to your newspaper. I don’t understand why NST and The Star are making life difficult for people who like to read news online.

If NST and The Star somehow fears that having a proper archiving system might eat into the revenues from their paper sales, they probably have no idea on how to moneytize online content. Stop seeing them as expenses… they can be very profitable leads if you know how to use the pages properly.

Now that I’ve finally gotten my message out, here’s where I seek help from my Malaysian readers. Could you recommend reputable and reliable Malaysian news web sites that’s up to date, maintains a sane archive of previously published posts and actually has non-sociopolitical content as well?

Looking forward to your suggestions.

5 responses to “I’m Done With Linking To NST; The Star May Be Next”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    here’s our newspaper. Just another leisure reading for you.

  2. papajoneh Says:

    friend, your adsense square 250×250 seems not right. im using firefox. it displayed bottom left and test passage go wrap it on the right. is that supposed to be like that? im sorry.. this is new for me. 😉

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi papajoneh,

    How long has the New Sabah Times web site been up? I can only find stories from 18 December 2006, this seems to be the earliest story I can find there.

    And yes, the ad is supposed to be like that on purpose. It’s called in-line placement. But Shh! Don’t tell anyone 😛

  4. HTNet Says:

    Web Site Review: New Sabah Times…

    New Sabah Times was recommended to me by my friend, Joneh, during my recent call for alternative online Malaysian news sources. I’ve been actively using New Sabah Times for about a week now and have been generally pleased with my browsing experie…

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