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Data Ransom, A Trend?

I was reading this article on hackers locking files and demanding ransom for unlocking it, which somehow eerily reminds me of this recent post I’ve read on Weblog Tools Collection. At the time of the hack, this was how the Pictorialis Forums looked like. Is this a sign of what the darker side of technology has in store for the future?

Nowadays, data is worth lots of money. It also took lots of time, money and effort to compile it into useful information. It sickens me to see those who happens to find a script or two to hijack this data and later demand payment to restore it to the original owners.

In life beyond the networks and packets, similar people are called kidnappers or thieves. And there, they are usually punished severely for their crime (depending on where you live, YMMV).

2 responses to “Data Ransom, A Trend?”.

  1. tyler Says:

    It is a sucky trend. Maybe this will drive more people to backup their valuable data to remote locations. I backup basically everything that’s important to me to two remote linux boxes.

    I just have to as I tend to format my pc a lot and start fresh. 🙂

  2. suanie Says:

    hello! 🙂