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My Writing Evolution

I installed the Related Entries plugin to see what the plugin deems as “related posts” for any particular entry. Honestly, my initial thoughts are it merely looks up some random posts which has similarities in terms of keywords in the title and categories they’re in.

What I appreciate the most about the plugin is that it lists links posts I had forgotten about. Did you know that this blog started in March 2005? Meaning my WordPress installation is now two years old. During this time, I noticed that there are a few noticable differences in how I write now compared to when I first started HTNet.

I used to do freewheeling writing, simply voicing what I feel about the topic of discussion. Now I tend to be more guarded, trying to make myself understandable to a significant majority of my readership. I never spellcheck two years ago… now, the search engine is my second most used after Google.

I almost never preview my posts before posting in my early days of blogging, now even the simplest post goes through at least three rounds of proofreading. Even then, I still miss the occasional misspelling or erroneous grammar. Sometimes I think I should just follow Papa Joneh’s advice; just post it!