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Ladies, Looking For A Nice Intelligent Guy? You’re In Luck!

Are you single lady, around 30 and looking for companionship? I have a potential “for keeps” guy lined up for you. Introducing Dabido, aka. David Stevenson… a long time loyal visitor of HTNet.

Dabido (aka David Stevenson)

David is going to celebrate his 42nd birthday on 31 May this year and has decreed that he would not like to celebrate it without a girlfriend. Personally, I’m in support of his move. David deserves companionship just like everybody else, and I hope that he will find someone suitable by his birthday.

Let me tell you a few things about David;

  • His comments are worthy of being blog posts by sheer quality and quantity
  • He is artistically and technically adept. You don’t get that package pretty often!
  • David is intelligent and nice to boot

Hell, if I were a girl, I’d be on my way to Australia now because I think I fit a lot of his requirements for an ideal partner. But lucky for you girls, I’m a full blooded guy and thus, am out of the competition.

Think you’re worthy? Read more in this post and drop a comment!

P/S: If the next Mrs. Davidson is a referred from this post, I’ll be sponsoring a three days and two nights honeymoon for you guys, at any location of your choice as long as it is in Johor, Malaysia 🙂

3 responses to “Ladies, Looking For A Nice Intelligent Guy? You’re In Luck!”.

  1. Dabido Says:

    WOW! Thanx Azmeen! Wonderfully written! 🙂

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  3. NAMISA Says: