Intrinsa: Treatment for Premature Menopause

Photo Credit: Catarina by Rodolfo Nunez

Procter and Gamble has developed Intrinsa; a patch that it’s marketing as the first treatment for women with low sex drive. Personally, I find this to be a step in the right direction in recognising that female low sex drive is a health issue that needs attention.

Basically, Intrinsa delivers its testosteronepayload via skin absorption. Being in clear patch form makes it inconspicuous and easy to apply. The BBC has more info regarding Intrinsa.

Although the comparison is inevitable, P&G prefers Intrinsa to not be described as Viagra for Women. Instead they prefer to portray Intrinsa as a weapon against premature menopause. Quoting the linked BBC article:

Dr Nick Panay, of the Daisy Network, a support group for women with premature menopause, said low sex drive in such women could cause a great deal of distress and concern about their relationship.

“Intrinsa offers real medical hope to these women as studies showed that the patch increases sexual desire and satisfying sexual activity while reducing associated distress.”

But GPs said one drug is incapable of addressing the “complex reasons” for low sex drive.

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