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HTNet Q1 2007 Traffic Report

The year 2007 started out with a bang for HTNet. The number of visitors have gone up significantly compared to last year and I’m hoping HTNet will keep this up. Here’s a screenshot of my visitors stats for the first quarter of 2007:

HTNet's Q1 2007 Visitor Stats

Mind you, it’s not only the numbers that excite me. March 2007 was the first month that I’ve consistently gotten money from AdSense every day:

HTNet's AdSense Income for March 2007

Not bad for a tech blog, eh! Considering that the odds are stacked up against me. Which leads me to another thing I’m considering.

I’ve always labelled HTNet as a tech blog. Since my free tagging revelation, I think that putting HTNet in that category would be a bit irrelevant. I don’t want to be niched! I want to have absolute freedom to write what I want whenever I want.

Therefore, I’m going to rebrand HTNet yet again, this time I’m going to put less emphasis on the tech part, although I don’t think I can totally throw out technology from the things I write about.

Any suggestions for a more suitable tagline for HTNet? I’m all ears!

7 responses to “HTNet Q1 2007 Traffic Report”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    wow on that friday 30th.. who gone clicking spree, eh? I just want of that total visitors, im happy already. [crying now]

  2. papajoneh Says:

    i mean half of the total visitors.. 🙂

  3. kucau Says:

    congratulation dude!

  4. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Thanks papajoneh and kucau,

    But without visitors like you two, I wouldn’t be anywhere near those stats!

  5. papajoneh Says:

    Meen, Im compiling mine… Its interesting. The other side not bad at all. thanks man. last month 5.25GB bandwidth!

  6. james kingsted - Domaininform Says:

    Look like your doing well for yourself! you sould be happy I think that such a great site will only get better and better in the future! my best wishes!

  7. sohbet Says:

    congratulation dude!