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An Inconvenient Truth: My Inconvenient Death By Powerpoint

First off, I do take the issue of global warming very seriously. The signs are real. The impact can be felt now. I’d imagine that it’ll get worse from now on.

That is why I’m highly disappointed after watching An Inconvenient Truth. Here’s a man who described himself as “the former next president of the United States” when introducing himself in the film. A very witty way to introduce Al Gore.

My initial amusement was shortlived though. An Inconvenient Truth was almost unbearable to watch mostly due to Mr. Gore’s interminable effort to put the audience to death by Powerpoint.

Every 10 to 20 minutes or so of the film; Mr. Gore is either:

  • Shown composing his presentation on powerpoint (on a Mac notebook at that)
  • Actually presenting the powerpoint slides
  • Having flashbacks of certain events that has nothing to do with global warming

My opinion on the film? An attempt at delivering a serious message by someone that I find hard to take seriously who’s way too serious about Powerpoint. Too much seriousness? You bet! But at all the wrong areas.

Want the no-spin, factual account of global warming? You’re way better off watching productions from National Geographic or Discovery Channel which cover the topic with less political aftertastes.

8 responses to “An Inconvenient Truth: My Inconvenient Death By Powerpoint”.

  1. WilsonC Says:

    I think the success of An Inconvenient Truth lies in the fact that global warming now has an individual (a very well known individual) championing its cause. You don’t get that with the Discovery Channel or Naional Geographic. Al Gore pretty much takes the efforts mainstream.

  2. Chewxy Says:

    I think global warming is more of a media hype than an actual thing. The world is actually heading towards a Big Freeze, but the media is constantly hyping on the warming.


  3. nyx Says:

    um. An Inconvenient Truth is actually a presentation. He goes around the world talking about it, then decided to film himself presenting it.

    hence the powerpoint angle.

  4. kucau Says:

    huh? are u nuts? global warming is a real threat dude! go read your basic chemistry and physic dude

  5. Chewxy Says:

    Kucau, I am, most unfortunately, not “nuts”. I have the datas. Our “global” temperature rise… is an illusion. Being part of a bigger picture, they are mere fluctuations.

    Do read up on chaos theory, or do at least get some real hard data, before actually calling people nuts.

    Studying the weather using basic chem and physics – that’s where most people are misled. “Common sense”… bleh.

    John Kenneth Galbraith called all these views as conventional wisdom. It’s just because we “…associate truth with convenience.” Global warming is a convenient excuse for met scientists to explain why the world is seemingly getting warmer. But if you actually bothered to read real scientific journals, there are hundreds and thousands of articles with proper data citations that Global Warming is not happening.

    Global warming as much as a threat as global terrorism. It’s not as threatening as say a heart attack, or a car accident. Live with it.

  6. Chewxy Says:

    Oh, and there is the “peak oil” threat too. Virtually inexistant, but exploited by the media… just like shark attacks

  7. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Personally, I feel “media hype” is a wee bit on the rough side to describe global warming. Global warming is a theory… it’s the presenting of the theory as fact which bugs me a little.

    By the way, the Big Freeze effect is also part of the global warming theory. It was touched on in the film. I do encourage you to watch it. We should at least listen to what “the other side” has to say in order to form a more intelligent opinion.

    Wow… I would like to convert some of my presentations into movies. Now anybody who could do that for me dirt cheap? 😉

    Yes it’s as real as theories can get. How you analyse such theories is entirely up to you 🙂

    Chewyx has his opinions on the issue, you have yours, and likewise I have mine.

  8. sumeet Says:

    I disagree with the above comments… It takes a charismatic leader to take the message to the masses… Frankly, there is so much info out there it can be disorienting, which is why when someone pulls the threads together (so what if its a powerpoint?) it works.