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Press Release: UNOS Voice

I’ve received the following press release regarding UNOS Voice and thought that HTNet’s readers would find it interesting.

Basically, UNOS Voice is a 61kB midlet which enables low cost outgoing as well as incoming voice and SMS services for mobile phones. You can save up to 93% over standard as well as IDD rates by using UNOS Voice.

UNOS Voice

KUALA LUMPUR, 5th April 2007 – FSBM Holdings Berhad (FSBM) today announces UNOS Voice – the latest and first of its kind in fixed mobile converged solution for mobile users throughout the world. Available immediately for download at, this tiny 61 kiloByte (kB) mobile phone software (know as a MIDlet) has hit the markets in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and United Kingdom.

Being mobile infrastructure and operator neutral, UNOS Voice can be enjoyed by users irregardless the operator networks – be it GSM, PDC, CDMA2000, PHS, WCDMA or TDS-CDMA. All functionalities in UNOS Voice can be initiated via SMS, 3G, Edge, Wibro, Wimax, WiFi and WCMDA mobile accesses. FSBM is currently rolling out UNOS Voice to even more countries around the world including those across the Asia Pacific, Middle-East, Europe and US/ Canada regions.

Once installed on the mobile phone, UNOS Voice immediately allows the mobile phone user to enjoy communication and PBX (Private Business eXchange) functionalities via a seamless process of initiating and receiving calls on the mobile phone at attractive rates, anytime, anywhere. Substantial cost savings is just one of the many benefits to the mobile phone user.

“UNOS Voice is not another VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solution. It is much, much more than that. UNOS Voice is one of the three pillars of development (in Voice, Data and Application) under the UNOS Convergence Platform, and will pioneer a series of further releases,” says Michael Ta, FSBM Multimedia and Communications Group CEO. “We make registration and downloading of the MIDlet easy. Register online, and we will over-the-air (OTA) the MIDlet to the users’ mobile phone in as fast as just two minutes”.

The overall key benefits of UNOS Voice are substantially reduced roaming calls and sms charges; no monthly fee or minimum charges; no need to change existing mobile service operator; PBX functionalities at users’ fingertips; simple and seamless ways to initiate and receive calls anytime/ anywhere; stay connected globally via existing mobile number; and direct access to existing mobile phone contact list.

The expanded mobile phone capabilities enabled by the UNOS Voice MIDlet are categorized under six main PBX functionalities:-

UNOS Voice Call

This service enables the user to initiate International Direct Dial (IDD) calls, locally or while overseas, at affordable UNOS IDD call rates. The user will have direct access to his mobile phone book listing when initiating the call.

UNOS Receiving Calls

This service enables the user to receive voice calls and SMS call alert while overseas, without having to pay expensive roaming charges. UNOS Receiving Call function will also provide the user the caller’s identity.

UNOS Buddy Call

This service is much like an operator-assist call function in that it allows user to connect voice calls between 2 other parties. The user and the 2 parties can be physically located anywhere in the world.

UNOS Hotel Connect

This service allows the users to make a voice call from his hotel room telephone without having to pay expensive hotel call charges. The user is able to make multiple calls one at a time or concurrently.

UNOS Conference Call

This service allows the user to initiate conference calls to up to 20 concurrent conference participants at anytime, anywhere. For normal conference calls, participants have to call in to a specific number at a specific time. Using UNOS, the user can initiate a Conference Call directly from his mobile phone, and add more participants during the call, effectively turning the mobile phone in a command & control centre on-the-fly. This service is not only highly useful in emergency situations, but also greatly improves the efficiency and productivity of businesses.

UNOS Roaming SMS

While overseas, this service allows the user to send roaming SMS to any foreign location at very affordable rates while they are at overseas. Much like the push conference call feature, it allows the user to send the same message to multiple recipients.

“With UNOS Voice, the basic mobile phone is transformed into a powerful and sophisticated handheld device, with the fundamental ability to reduce mobile charges and increase the communication experience in so many ways,” adds Dato’ Tan Hock San, President of FSBM Holdings Berhad.

Subscription for UNOS Voice is via a simple 3-step registration process at

3 responses to “Press Release: UNOS Voice”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    this is cool meen. So when u gonna get one? we can UNOS 2gether, u know. LOL. Im gonna check this service, if it ever for real, then probably Papa considering to get it.

  2. Neo Says:

    1. Unos Voice Software is free.

    2. Unos Voice is providing Anti International Roaming Service.

    3. Unos Voice users’ able to make call and receive call(even you changed your Malaysian mobile SIM to overseas SIM while abroad)

    4.Other functions like Conference call up to 20 pax at one go!

    5. Hotel Connect- Using hotel’s phone to connect to next destination whitout paying them. Bills to Unos Voice.

    6.Roaming international sms at RM0.25

    All functions above syncro with your mobile phonebook. Just select the name and click sent! Many more cool services coming soon!

  3. skylim Says:

    please sent mi more information about ur company,thanks.