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Press Release: mTouche Launches M-Bit Network

I’ve been wondering when will P2P technology be implemented on the mobile front and in what form will it be. It seems that I’m not the only person who wondered; mTouche Technology Berhad had actually done something to make it a reality.

KUALA LUMPUR, 9th April 2007 – MESDAQ-listed mTouche Technology Berhad (mTouche) today announces the launch of M-Bit Network – the world’s first peer-to-peer (P2P) search and file super-distribution network.

M-Bit Network will be provided via mBit Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary that is 60 per cent owned by mTouche, together with Singapore-based N2N Consulting Pte Ltd and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) See Chun Yan.

M-Bit Network is lauded as the first of its kind in the world because it allows the sharing of content files (a capability known as peer-to-peer or P2P technology), between mobile phones via transmission over wireless mobile networks.

Eugene Goh, CEO of mTouche said, “To date, M-Bit Network has attracted significant attention, with strong interest received from both handset manufacturers and mobile network operators from Japan and Korea – where 4th Generation (4G) mobile networks are already established and provide an excellent platform for the launch of M-Bit Network.”

He also shares on mTouche’s expectations from M-Bit Network in Japan, which is one of the world’s largest and most advanced mobile markets with a mobile population of more than 100 million subscribers.

“We aim to launch M-Bit Network with at least one major carrier in Japan by the end of 2007 with a target user-base of one million subscribers, charged at standard subscription fee that will be in line with the average fee of mobile value-added services offerings in Japan.

“One million subscribers make up to just about one per cent of Japan’s current mobile population and this gives an indication of M-Bit Network’s business potential for mTouche in the near future,” says Goh.

The launch of M-Bit Network marks a historical milestone in driving mobile technologies a notch higher in terms of capability and sophistication because right until now, P2P technology has been limited to the sharing of content files stored in computers, over fixed wired networks.

“mTouche expects the launch of M-Bit Network to further solidify our position as the leading provider for mobile messaging technologies and interactive media applications in the region,” adds Goh.

What is M-Bit Network

M-Bit Network is the world’s first global P2P Search and File Super-Distribution network that works across both wireless and wired networks for Mobile Web 2.0, Rich Media and Advertising services.

Basically, M-Bit Network users will be able to browse through music or video files stored on other mobile phones, download authorized files into their own handset, and even broadcast (to a group of friends) about a new ready-to-share file.

There are also clever functions such as those to cut short the user’s browsing time in finding what they want in the throng of massive content stored in available handsets; and even link-up opportunities for mobile advertising.

M-Bit Network will be available together with the M-Bit Client software (that facilitates the key features such as Share and Search, Download Manager, Group Manager, Podcasting, Presence and Chatting), and the M-Bit Control server (a centralized tracking system for administrators to monitor files that are being downloaded or shared, for reporting and billing purposes).

M-Bit Network’s four main intuitive features/ benefits are:

  • Automatic resumption of a disrupted file download.
  • Efficient bandwidth usage for faster and even concurrent file downloads from multiple P2P and HTTP sources. This helps reduce the time that a ‘transaction’ hogs the data channel on the operator’s core network.
  • The ability to offload the load of the content servers – by having more distributed sources. “This is especially crucial for markets with massive number of mobile subscribers such as China with more than 800 million subscribers, whereby a million concurrent downloads of a popular song/ video will simply crash most servers and network infrastructure,” explained Goh.
  • The provision of a unique signature of any select file(s) transmitted, to facilitate the filtering, identification and tracking of the content to prevent malware, virus or illegal content.

Some of the industry endorsement received by M-Bit Network include being awarded the First Runner-up for 3rd Edition Challenge organized by Nokia and Macromedia during the Symbian Smartphone Show 2006 in London; shortlisted as one of the three finalists for the first Asia Mobile Innovation Awards organised by GSM Association; and being a finalist in the Mobile Music and Innovator of the Year category, Forum Nokia Pro Awards 2006.

“We are confident that M-Bit Network has immense potential to revolutionise the mobile industry simply based on its intuitive and powerful capabilities that were incorporated after thorough research of the market’s anticipated requirements and dynamic mobile trends,” ends Goh.

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