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Got Linked from USATODAY!

One of the benefits of my migration to a new hosting provider is that I get a much more detailed statistics on HTNet. While I was browsing through my stats, I found that I was linked from USATODAY sometime in mid April, via this article. This was related to my post on Cookie Monster’s sudden change of diet.

What’s so special about the link? Well, I didn’t really pimp the post to anyone, but sweet Ms. Whitney Matheson discovered it anyway 🙂 Thank you!

I’m used to getting linked from major sites through their comment system or something similar, but this is my first time getting linked from a major news web site without any coaxing from my part… So yay to me as well 😀

3 responses to “Got Linked from USATODAY!”.

  1. tyler Says:

    That’s awesome! You must have gotten some pretty decent traffic from that! You’ve given me quite a few referrals today. 🙂

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    That’s the thing… it must have been quite massive. Unfortunately I will never know the full extent of the linking from its day of publishing.

    My previous host has no stats interface, and thus I couldn’t check its progress.

    I’m glad to have contributed some traffic to your site 🙂

  3. suanie Says: