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Are You A Trigger-Happy Net Shopper?

Or should I say “click-happy”?

I was reading this article on NYT with great interest. I was starting to wonder whether my method of going through my credit card statements overzealous (which means I’m way more paranoid than I think I am), or am I just practising good consumer behaviour?

Everytime I get my credit card statements, I do my own matching process. I keep all credit card related receipts until the writings are faded. I track which purchases have been posted in the statement period and make sure the figures are accurate.

The thing about Internet transactions is that the receipts are virtual, unless you decide to print them out of course. Lucky for my, the credit card I use for online purchases is also virtual in nature. No plastic, no magnetic strip, no chip. It’s just a set of numbers, a CVV code, and expiry date. Effectively making it only usable for online purchases.

Before I stray further, let’s get back to the linked NYT article. Here’s the interesting excerpt from the article that made me read through it’s entirety:

The other day, as I was trying to avoid making eye contact with $168.09 (jeans and a T-shirt) and $40.24 (how can a tank of gas cost that much?), I happened to notice a mysterious $10 charge.


It didn’t ring a bell. Was Reservation Rewards a surcharge for a hotel room? A magazine subscription? Or a digital audio download?

I never thought that it’s possible to actually get charged for an online service without keying in your contact details, credit card number and other important information.

What suprised me was how easy it was for the author (actually it was her husband who initiated it) to get charged for that particular transaction:

I could picture my husband buying tickets online. I could imagine one of those annoying direct-marketing offers popping up. I could even picture him clicking on it. But I couldn’t see him entering a credit card to subscribe.

It turned out he didn’t have to. Tempted by a $10 cash-back award offer (“Good for your next Fandango purchase!”), he had typed in his e-mail address.

Unfortunately, he skipped over the fine print: “By entering my e-mail address as my electronic signature and clicking yes, I authorize Fandango to securely transfer my name, address and credit or debit card information to Reservation Rewards for billing and benefit processing.”

So, be extra careful when you click on “special promotion” buttons or popups. Always read the terms of use and other related policies. If you can’t find any, for the site you’re buying from, I suggest that you find another more reputable vendor to purchase from.

5 responses to “Are You A Trigger-Happy Net Shopper?”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    wow, i never thought of that. just by email. So far had purchased only one thing in the internet and that was like last year. for me, how to be the click happy one if credit card also limit already…hahahha.

  2. papajoneh Says:

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    the K2 spam thing…
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  3. Opal Says:

    Wow! It’s nice to know there is another person like me. I read my transactions also. 🙂
    Yes you got to read the fine print. I’m the type that reads everything before signing.

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