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Bermuda Triangle Like Mystery In Australia

A ghost yacht was found floating off the coast of North Queensland with its engine and electronics still running but no signs of its crew on board. From the BBC article:

The 12m (40 foot) catamaran was spotted by a helicopter on Wednesday, but a rescue team only reached the boat on Friday, and confirmed that there was no one aboard.

Rescue crews say they are puzzled by the mysterious disappearance.

“The engine was running, the computers were running, there was a laptop set up on the table which was running, the radio was working… and there was food and utensils set on the table ready to eat,” said Jon Hall, a spokesman for Queensland’s Emergency Management office.

Sounds more like a Bermuda Triangle happening rather than an Aussie one. Perhaps Dabido could update us more on this?

2 responses to “Bermuda Triangle Like Mystery In Australia”.

  1. Dabido Says:

    Sorry, I only know as much as you. Not much extra in the media about it.

    It’s more a Mary Celeste type thing, rather than a Bermuda Triangle type thing.

    Its been proven that the Bermuda Triangle isn’t the ‘death trap’ that a lot of myths claim it to be. When looked at statistically, it has an average disappearance rate of ships and planes compared with all other places on earth. The area has a high amount of ship and plane traffic, and as such gets a high rate of disappearances there – but, like I said, it’s actually very average statistically.

  2. kerr Says:

    now yu calmed me