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Is Commercialisation Of Old Technology The Future Of Space Travel?

I find it strange that even after we’ve discovered a potentially habitable planet, the way us humans travel in space remains near absolutely the same as it was three decades ago:

  1. Build a rocket
  2. Attached said rocket to huge fuel tanks that will be used to launch the rocket
  3. Use massive amount of rocket fuel to provide the necessary force to blast off
  4. Ensure that there’s adequate infrastructure, support mechanisms and human ingenuity to make sure the astronauts can return to Earth safely

Regardless if you’re NASA, Russia’s Federal Space Agency or China National Space Administration, all your rockets will be launched using the exact same technology mentioned previously.

Essentially, space travel technology has became stagnant… unless there’s some new space travel mechanisms being kept under wraps by the world’s secretive space agencies.

What we have now is only the commercialisation of old space technology to provide expensive space rides for the world’s richest people. If this trend goes on, then the bulk of astronauts in the world will then consist of mega-billionaires.

I guess the price could become more affordable in the future if the trend for commercial space travel becomes more like home computing… but even the optimist in me keeps on saying, “Dream on!”.

However, I do hope that better space travel technologies will be unveiled during my lifetime. Otherwise, it’ll be a lot less challenging trying to explain to my grandson how space travel was when I was his age 🙂

4 responses to “Is Commercialisation Of Old Technology The Future Of Space Travel?”.

  1. cindy Says:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have this conversation on the phone with your kid someday:

    “Son, could you tell momma, daddy won’t be home for dinner tonight. Daddy’s going to Mars to meet with a bunch of friends. Will be back by midnight.”


  2. reallycool Says:

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  3. Wahlau.NET Says:

    I think up till now we still do not have technology to bring human life to go 20 light years. Maybe a baby goes there will be like 80 years old ledi…hehe

  4. papajoneh Says:

    Cindy: that would be cool indeed! But as azmeen said, no challenge to explain to our grandson if there’s any new method to space traveling. The old method is the best for story telling. LOL.